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2116 18th St NW, Washington, DC

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Selling your old LPs or Memorabilia?

We BUY USED VINYL & a few choice CDs.

We buy it every day except Mondays (like the Boomtown Rats, we don't like Mondays).

What we're mainly looking for:
Records & CDs without scratches.
Hard to find titles.
Punk, Indie, Soul, Jazz, New Wave, Novelty & Bizarre, Reggae, Garage Rock, recently released titles.

What we're not looking for:
Mainstream 70s & 80s rock (Journey, Eagles, Foreigner - these bands sold millions of records, so there are millions out there used).
Hair metal bands.
Records that are not in good condition (we can't sell them).

We're not taking so many used CDs these days - in recent years, sales have gone down due to stores like We're more focused on vinyl these days. We sometimes take a few used CDs, but we're very selective.


If you have any comments or questions, please email us at